Do U Think U Can Dance?....Step UP

Classes are “The stepping stone of all great dancers ” based on the necessary dance progression of Ballet and Jazz, keeping the learning curve excelling weincourage our students to dance more than once a week.


These are our basic classes offered Monday through Saturday:

Hip Hop : Monday 5 PM Friday 4:PM and Saturday 10:45AM

Annimation w/ lyrical:  Tuesdays at 5PM.

Lyrical Jazz: Wednesday 5:00  

Irish Hip-Hop: Thursday 6:00


Dance Educated students move up from Basic classes into an Advanced level once they have proper technique and terminalogy.

All Basic Classes include a ballet base in the warm up into leaps, turns along with fun simple choreography!


Dance Shakin It Up / Do U Think U Can Dance

At Club USA Dance our vision: to reach young people all over the Denver area, teaching the art of dance and an athletic life style.. Since we open our doors we have attracted thousands of dancers and gymnast from throughout the State of Colorado. Students enjoy the opportunity to learn and to experience dance at a different level.The instruction, patience, and discipline benefit all students. Our Performance Teams perform in live theatrical venues during the year. Dance classes provide a head start on the skills required to make the teams in Gymnastics, Poms and Cheerleading. We endeavor to instill discipline, dedication and personal responsibility – valuable life skills to help your child thrive.

Shakin' it up: includes Rhythms of Dance from ballet, soft shoe tap, hip-hop and tumbling for Ages 3-5 in our AM classes

Do U Think U Can Dance?

Each Day we bring to the dance floor a different style!

Monday Hip-Hop,   Tuesday Animation & Lyrical,  Wednesday Lyrical / Jazz,  Thursday Irish  / Poms,  Friday Hip-Hop,  Saturday Hip-Hop-Jazz

Mommy and Me… And Dads’, Too

Mommy and Me... And Dads', TooThis class is for children, along with Mom, Dad, Grandmother, or Grandfather.


Mommy & Me is a great introduction to dancing and helps develop motor skills and coordination. The teacher guides the adult/child team in a way that makes discovering movement, balance and listening games fun. This is an excellent first group activity, while creating a bonding relationship and experiencing the first step towards the creativity of dance.


Ages:  under three..

Thursday 11:30-12:15

Tutus and Tennies AGE 3 Shakin' it Up


This class teaches pint-size people to learn to dance like their favorite prince or fairy princess. . We feel a comfortable and friendly atmosphere is very important for our younger dancers. Children become very enthusiastic when singing and dancing to the like of “Disney” music. We make dance fun in a way that encourages learning yet maintaining class structure and discipline They will learn rhythm of dance through soft shoe  tap dancing, grace through ballet and the development of motor skills through tumbling. Play and interactive theater games encourage children to express themselves through movement and music. These tiny tots are intrigued from beginning to end.

These 3 years old students may attend 1 class dailey!

Ages 3






Tutus and Tennies 2..Shakin' it Up Ages 4 & 5


This class is a continuation of level I, exploring soft shoe tap dancing and ballet in more depth and tumbling skills at a higher level.

Ages 4-5.  Handstand into bridges and bridge walking .

"It is a fun and exciting beginning to dance as well as a very social part of their day."



Do U Think U Can Dance?...Rizing Stars


Do U Think U Can Dance ? Basic Classes Ages 5 1/2 & up

“The stepping stone of all great dancers” based on the necessary dance progressions of Ballet and Jazz, keeping the learning curve excelling we add a touch of all dance styles:  Hip Hop Monday 5 PM Friday 4:PM Annimation w/ lyrical  on Tuesdays at 5PM.

Wednesday Dance is Lyrical -Jazz,  thursday Irish Dance  with a blend of Pomdance hip-Hop style.

Saturday Dance is a blend of Hip-Hop and Jazz.


Dance Educated students move up from Basic classes into an Advanced level once they have proper technique and terminalogy


All Basic Classes include a ballet base in the warm up into leaps, turns along with fun simple choreography!



Do U Think U Can Dance? “Not just for Girls”

Break Dancing is a popular style of street dancing, the oldest form of hip hop with lots of Poppin and Lockin!  This class is designed to provide students with a free style of Street hip-hop including:

Breakin, Poppin, Lockin, good ole fun dance. Monday 4PM  Tuesday 4PM Friday 5PM & Saturday 10:45 AM

Ages 5 1/2  and up.


Hip Hop

Maria Oskey

Hip-Hop Dance Style

Maria has been teaching dance at Club USA for four years.  While she has a background in several        different styles of dance her specialties are in Poms and Hip-Hop.  Maria made the High School Poms team all four years and was Captain of the team for two years. As the captain of her Poms squad, Maria showed great leadership skills as well as dance skills

which led her to becoming a member of the

All American Travel Dance Team.

Maria is our lead Hip Hop teacher Monday and

Friday afternoons were she plans to help our students strengthen  hip hop dance skills whether they are

trying to make a team or just have fun.

Her class will start with stretching, lead into technical work to improve their form and posture then finish with fun and upbeat choreography.





Irish Dancing Basic.... Do U Think U Can Dance?

irish2Irish dancing combines the entrancing rhythms of traditional Celtic music with the grace and energy of dance. This Dance style will be taught on Thursday afternoon along with Fitness Ripped Conditioning.

Instruction centers on the fundamentals of traditional Irish dance -- timing, body position and footwork, while building poise and self-confidence Students work to achieve these fundamentals as they learn the basic steps, then progress to learn beginner reel, light jig, slip jig steps, reels into hard shoes Our goal is to give each student a beautiful cultural experience and a life-long love of Irish Dance, its fun and its joy.

Ages: young boys and girls five and 1/2 and up.


Lord of the Dance Team will be est. January 2014

Hard shoe dancing, popularized by Lord of the Dance, is usually taught to second and third year students. The unique rhythms of hornpipe and double jig music drive the steps and timing of these dances. Students also learn one or more of the Traditional Set Dances... dances designated by the Irish Commission which are dances to the same music and employ the same steps the world over. This group must dance 2.5 hours weekly preparing for their Team Performances.